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The Session



Deciding whether to have a session... what does this all really mean?


You may want to ponder the following when deciding whether to have a QHHT session:


~Why do you want a session?

~What do you hope to gain?

~Have you ever had a past life regression or been hypnotized before? If so, how did it go?

~Are you excited and curious to learn more about your self?


If you decide to have a session, we cannot stress enough that you be willing to let go of any and all expectations of what it means or what it will be like to be hypnotized as every person experiences it differently. Some remain conscious and aware of sounds, movement, or light, or the feeling they are in 2 places at once or even that their Higher Self is speaking through/to them.  Others may be completely oblivious, and in a somnambulistic state, which is actually quite rare. Most people fall somewhere in between; they feel their body is very relaxed, their mind focused and alert yet upon coming out of trance they cannot remember everything that occurred.


Preparing for the session and formulating questions 


If you do not already meditate, do not worry about trying to establish a practice before the session. However, we do suggest you give yourself some quiet time during the day or evening to calm the mind chatter.


Take a walk before the session - you want your body relaxed and your mind alert and engaged. We suggest avoid overdoing alcohol and caffeinated beverages before the session, and even the night before.


A regression is a lot like having a vivid dream. After it's over, you may think you just returned from a remarkable journey where you visited other worlds, other lifetimes, and communicated with higher intelligence - and in fact, you did just that!


Please prepare a list of questions for the facilitator to ask your Higher Self on your behalf. The questions are generally personal to you and some examples may include:


What is my purpose in life?


Why do I feel like I don't belong here (on earth)?


How can I direct my life to being more spiritual?


When I was a child (teen, adult) I had an unusual experience - can you explain what happened and why?

Do I have a spirit guide or guardian angel? Can I meet them?


I have (medical condition) since (time frame). Why? Can it be healed?


I want to change jobs and start a new career. Is this a good time to do that and am I moving in the right direction?

I just met the love of my life - is this person the right one for me?


My (family member, partner, friend) and I have always had a difficult relationship. Why? Can it be resolved?


How can I create more abundance - love, wealth, health - in my life?


Having a QHHT session is an adventure!  Approaching the session with curiosity, excitement, a desire for knowledge and healing is the way to go.  This is your opportunity to meet and communicate with your Higher Self in whatever manner it decides is appropriate. It is an exciting time! It is the best of the times!


How the Session is conducted and how you may experience the Session


Please note that we conduct sessions separately and any information you share with us, as facilitators, remains confidential as we are bound by the code of ethics of hypnotherapists. 


Before you are guided into trance, we will spend talking together. We will ask you to share your life story, centered on important events and people in your life as this information helps us guide you when you are seeing your past, parallel, future and/or present lives.


Next, we begin the session by taking you into trance state which is experienced differently by every person.  There is no "right or wrong" way!  As mentioned above, some people remain conscious, more rarely some are somnambulistic and most fall somewhere in between. If you do not see, hear, feel or sense anything right “out of the gate” this is just fine - the time frame to receive impressions can be immediate to much longer. And if you feel you are not “deep enough”  - rest assured you are deep enough whenever you are in trance.  Keep in mind that your Higher Self is always guiding you to the most appropriate experience for you and every person experiences that differently.


As for the types of impressions you get in trance, again, this varies with the person. Some people see things clearly like watching a movie; others may just see images, while others don’t see much of anything but instead get a feeling or impression which may come in a flash. No matter how you receive the impressions, just trust whatever comes, and however it comes and leave the interpretation or making sense out of it for later. 


While it may appear what is happening seems "illogical" well this is just fine because you are using your right brain, which is your conduit to your Higher Self.  You only have to describe whatever you are getting and know that all will come together and make sense by the end of the session. Just see yourself as a narrator telling a story and don’t get caught up in the trap of “oh, I’m just making this up, so therefore, it has no meaning...”  because how can you make something up when it is coming from you anyways? In short, enjoy the adventure, have fun, see the magic happen!


After the regression, we will your permission to speak to your Higher Self, or SC.  We ask the SC why it chose to show you the particular experiences in your regression and we ask the questions you prepared beforehand, including addressing any physical healing you have requested.


After you come out of hypnosis we will briefly review the session with you while you ground yourself back into the world. We suggest you take it easy for the rest of the day so please plan ahead.


The session is recorded and either forwarded to you via Drop Box, or we can copy it onto a flash drive we provide for you, or both!  From the beginning when you share your story to reviewing afterwards can take anywhere from 3 to 5 hours and varies depending if we speak with you at length prior to the session thus requiring less time on the day we meet.


Listening to your recording in the days and weeks, and even months ahead, is an important part of the Dolores Cannon method. Your conscious mind may remember parts of the session but those memories fade away just like dreams - even if you had an "unforgettable" experience. Also any healing or life improvement suggestions from the SC are reinforced by listening repeatedly to the recording.


The days following your Session


Be gentle with yourself in the days following your session.  Some of you may notice your body beginning to detoxify physically and/or emotionally. This can begin right after the session or even during the session and may cause you to feel overwhelmed, teary or short on energy and patience. However, this is normal after any energy healing session and is an important part of the healing process. The quickest way to move through this is to allow it to flow through you; don’t try to block the flow.


Take time for reflection, get more sleep, eat lightly, take an Epsom salts bath, and drink LOTS of water. Lemon added to the water is even more helpful. Once this has passed you will feel wonderful!


Remember your Higher Self is always communicating with you and this is the bridge you crossed during the session.  Meditate, walk in nature, listen to music and do whatever works for you to get into that beautiful peaceful state of receiving – and then trust what you receive! Answers may also come to you in dream state, in waking state as words written on a page, a song on the radio, the sign in front of you or through your intuition.  Your Higher Self communicates constantly in infinite ways and has your well being at heart always.


If you haven’t already, start a journal and write down your thoughts, feelings, synchronicities, or changes that you notice in the days, weeks and even months after the session.


Listen to your recording often. The vibrational recall that occurs when simply listening to the recording is invaluable to continued emotional and physical healing.  Typically, a person will go beyond their original healing just by listening to it daily. However, be sure not to listen while driving as you may easily slip into trance!








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