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About Carrie and Frank Valle

We are one of the few husband/wife teams practicing the Dolores Cannon QHHT method.  Carrie started first - a friend recommended she read the Dolores Cannon books and she started with "Custodians, Beyond Abduction".  What a mind opening experience that was!  Life fell into place.  Many questions were answered and a desire for more knowledge and a greater understanding of her life purpose was sparked. Carrie had a QHHT session with a local practitioner and gained remarkable insights into who she is, why she chose to incarnate on earth and her purpose in this life. 


Frank jumped on the bandwagon next. He saw the immense and wonderful changes Carrie was going through and was naturally very curious ... and then intrigued.  Since childhood, he also had been searching for answers about himself and the interrelatedness of humanity and the multiverse. Frank had a QHHT session with the same practitioner and was amazed at the wealth of knowledge his Higher Self had been ready... and waiting to give him.


Needless to say, we were both amazed by and most appreciative of the wonderful insights we were given. And we were very touched by the loving and healing nature of our Higher Selves.  We decided to become certified in the Dolores Cannon method in order to offer this life changing experience to others. We took Level 1 and Level 2 QHHT workshops in Arkansas where we were taught by Dolores Cannon herself  (and what an amazing woman she is!)


Since then we have gone on to facilitate many sessions with people from all walks of life. Our professional backgrounds encompass anthropology, engineering, agriculture, economics and law and these life experiences have proven very helpful in our sessions.  Frank is bilingual and offers sessions in Spanish also.


It is our desire to help you cross the transcendent bridge between your conscious mind and Higher Self so that you may receive the answers and healing you seek.


We are proud to say we are QHHT Dedicated Practitioners and are active participants in a worldwide online community, the Original QHHT Support Forum. 

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